I’m a writer. A story teller. Kind of a journalist of the every day stuff.

Hi, I’m Jess, and I write. I may not have a long list of fancy qualifications and accolades, but I’ve spent my life learning the craft the old fashioned way: by reading and writing. A lot.

I’m partial to a bit of fiction for funsies, but I come alive when I’m writing about the places and cultures I’ve experienced while travelling. I especially love exploring the power food has to bring people together (food is important to me: I’m Italian). I cut my writing teeth many years ago, using experiences from both my own travels and my time working as a travel agent to maintain my own little travel blog. I also contributed both written pieces and photographs to publications including Thought Catalog, Edge of Humanity, We Are Travel Girls and Webjet.

Following a four month stint travelling the world in late 2017, I started working on a collection of personal essays and stories inspired by that trip. That hit the brakes when my son came was born in early 2019 with a couple of rare medical conditions (because having a baby wasn’t going to be hard enough). I decided to stop focusing exclusively on travel so I could also write about my lived experiences with mental illness, the NICU ward and beyond.

When I’m not writing, travelling or being Jasper’s mum, you’ll find me working in public health, crafting, and just trying to finish a cup of tea before it gets cold.

• • • • •

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